S Katz / Katsuhiko

 Live act, DJ

Born in Sapporo city, Japan. lives in Berlin. With a camera man father, he grew up from a young age in an environment with photography and creativity.
In early 2000, He became involved with ‘NORDFORM’, the Sapporo-based group which propagates music, art and design, and participated in the party organising and art activities. at the same time during bagpacking in Thailand, He met Djumbe and Dijulidu and brought them back to Japan and start to play around.
He spent some time performing as a DJ based in Sapporo, but soon he began to consider using his own sounds to express and make people dance and begun producing music on the laptop in 2003. He had no choice to go to expensive analog machines, but software Reason told him the structure of machines and cableing etc. There was a cafe called ‘CAFETRONIK’, ‘PROVO’ and ‘SOSO CAFE’ which was a important playground and the crosspoint of his early times.
He has been playing his live set many times at Sapporo’s important club ‘Precious hall’, Those opportunity made met him important friends for his creativity and humanity, like Akufen, Mathew Jonson, Guillaume Coutu Dumont, Jeff Milligan, James Holden, Nathan Fake, Peter, Deadbeat, Stephan Beaupre, Daniel Bell, Steve Bug and so on.
He participated in DEAF (Dublin Electronic Arts Festival) the Irish electronic art event, as Sketch Pad, which was formed with Sapporo’s producer Waterprotection (sud electronic), On that year DEAF focused Asian artists and They got a recommendation from Akufen.
Through the success at DEAF, He has worked as a re-mixer for the Ireland label Nice and Nasty in 2008.
And He has worked with Jeff Milligan’s Revolver in Canada and produced with Jeff’s voice sample which was recored in Sapporo together.
Katsuhiko is a true artist, an original and unique person who is releasing his debut album ‘PENTACLE’ on nice & nasty in May 2010. This album is followed by Richie Hawtin(M-nus), Orde Meikle(SLAM), Laurent Garnier(F Communications
He has launched own label “You record” since 2011 and Releasing skilled producers Noahito Uchiyama, Ghini-B, Raphy Beltre and Dr.Atom.
Since moved to Berlin, He met new music friends who influenced his creativity like Dewalta, Yapacc, Dandy Jack, The mole, HrdVsion, Nishimoto Takeshi, Argenis Brito, Yone-ko, DJ Masda, Streo Citi etc. Through those friends, His musical range and Knowledge is keep expanding.
He has been playing several places in Berlin, Berghein Kantina, Wild Renate, About Blank, Chalet, Greis Muhle etc.
The style of live sound is the Techno-Minimal House style, based on colorful bass line, harmonic leads with the clicky rhythm and lyrical melodies as preference.