Genome2-1 is coming out…

We are very happy to announce Katsuhiko’s first EP A side Genome 2-1 and B side Smooth colour. Will be on sale very soon at and of course, You can get a Genome EP at record store in your city as well. GRAB THIS EP!!!

and Thank you Chihiro chan for brilliant pink woolen yarn.
We added small art work for each vinyls. You will see it when you have it.
You can get her cute woolen socks here >>

Shape of the universe spreads in the body and nature,
The spiral spreads to invisible micro world.
Everyone has own shape, It’s the form of love and harmony.
Yes, we are a part of the universe,
Let’s go to the direction which makes you feel pleased.

Mastering : Scape mastering
Pressing : R.A.N.D musik
Cover photo : Elsa Triquet
Design : Erika Felbi, Keigo Igarashi

Genome factory

Genome ribbons

Genome chain

Thank you. <3