You Record’s 9th release is from ATMORICH.
ATMORICH is teamed up by one of Ambient/Chill out legend Dr. Atmo and British 80’s electronic band SHAMEN’s Richard A. Sharpe. In 2014, They gathered and worked together at a studio in Berlin, Atmo’s great skills of producing and Richard’s clear vision became the one. Me-Sheen and Katsuhiko participated as vocal and poet reading. KISS ME feat. Richard Sharpe is ready for the dance floor, Richard’s fascinating voice and detailed rhythm part and dynamic uplift synth bring you to a hot dance floor. MOVE IN feat. Me-Sheen is also floor like track for sure. push’n bass line and powerful beats matched Me-sheen’s voice. DREAM WALKER feat. Katsuhiko is more for mental dance, Panned synth and Katsuhiko’s poetic voice bring you to a meditation room. Last track CHANGING DARK is Atomo’s solo work of ambienty dance track. We hope you will find your favorite track, Enjoy!

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